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URGENT Cigar Lovers in the USA Need To Act Now

To our friends in the USA:

Cigar Aficionado

Cigar Lovers Need To Act Now

The premium cigar industry is coming together for an urgent plea to cigar lovers, calling upon them to ask Congress—specifically Speaker of the House Paul Ryan—to exempt premium, handmade cigars from regulation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Congress is currently in budget talks, and one of the items on the table is legislative protection of the premium cigar industry. FDA regulation could change the way cigars are made, sold and enjoyed in the United States, resulting in losses of jobs throughout the industry and making it harder for cigar aficionados to find and enjoy great cigars. Exemption would allow the industry to continue as it does today.

To reach out to Speaker Paul Ryan now, call his office: (202) 225-0600

« It’s imperative that Congress understands the facts about premium, handmade cigars, » said Marvin R. Shanken, editor and publisher of Cigar Aficionado magazine. « They are enjoyed by an adult audience, they are made in an artisanal process that has been unchanged for generations and it’s our right as Americans to enjoy them as we see fit. Not to mention tens of thousands of factory and field workers in the Caribbean and Central America would lose their jobs, creating huge unemployment in these areas. »

Also, contact his Twitter account here.


Copyright 2015 M. Shanken Communications, Inc.
825 Eighth Avenue, 33rd Floor New York NY 10019

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Season change (Winter)



Aurore Boréale 4 photo, magiedumoment

As the cold season is at our door and in order to protect your cigar collection, it is time to insure it will « hibernate » properly. With the cold coming, heating systems will start running soon and the process will simply dry the air in houses and appartments especially if it uses electric power system. So make sure you have enough « fuel » in your humidifiers so your humidor can provide the necessary humidity needed to compensate for the change in relative humidity of your humidor surronding. Remember that the best humidity level in a humidor is 70% at a temperature best at 70 Farenheit or 20 Celsius or a little less.

And while you’re there why not proceed at an inspection of your cigars. Look for surface mold that can be easily removed by gently scrubbing your cigars with a lightly moisted towel. Also inspect the bottom of your humidor and vacuum clean it. Finally, gently store your cigars wiht a little twist around  so a good rotation is made. This will allow your cigars to burn more evenly next time you choose one to smoke in a few weeks.

This way, your cigar collection will keep the winter dryness away and your cigars will keep aging properly.

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Habanos SA, 2016 Cuban Cigar new releases



Plantation de tabac dans la région de Pinar del Rio

Tobacco plantation in the Pinar del Rio region, Cuba

Here is the latest Cigar list for 2016. Promissing indeed!

Tannks to Amir Saarony for the list that will certainly guide us in our researches.

Amir Saaronyhabanos & co

Habanos 2016


– COHIBA MEDIO SIGLO – Medio Siglo Confirmed
– PARTAGAS SERIE E NO.2 – Duke Confirmed
– PARTAGAS CAPITOLS – Mareva Confirmed
– H UPMANN MAGNUM 54 – Magnum 54 Confirmed
– COMBINACIONES SELECCIÓN ROBUSTOS – Robustos packaging like the « Seleccion petit robustos », with 6 cigars instead of 5
– COMBINACIONES SELECCION PIRAMIDES – Piramides packaging like the « Seleccion petit robustos », with 6 cigars instead of 5


– PUNCH PUNCH 48 – Hermosos no.3 Confirmed


– MONTECRISTO DANTES – Hermosos no.1 Confirmed
– ROMEO JULIETA CAPULETOS – Sobresalientes Confirmed
– TRINIDAD TOPES – Topes Confirmed


– CUABA 20 ANIVERSARIO – Joffres Grandes Confirmed
– COHIBA HUMIDOR ORO – Majestuosos 58. The official name it seems to be Humidor Cohiba 1966, but it may change in the next months.


– MONTECRISTO DOUBLE EDMUNDO-2016 – Double Confirmed




– HOYO DE MONTERREY HERMOSOS No.4 AÑEJADOS 2015 – Hermosos no.4 Confirmed
– PARTAGAS CORONAS GORDAS AÑEJADOS 2015 – Coronas Gorda Confirmed
– H UPMANN ROBUSTOS AÑEJADOS 2016 – Robustos Confirmed


– JUAN LOPEZ EMINENTES – ER 2016 – Sublimes. This will be our next Suisse Regional Edition!
– BOLIVAR BYBLOS – ER 2016 – Magicos
– BOLIVAR TESORO – ER 2016 – Salomon
– RAMON ALLONES PATAGON – ER 2016 – Petit Edmundo
– RAMON ALLONES DUBAI – ER 2016 – Sublimes
– REY DEL MUNDO CHOIX DU ROI – ER 2016 – Montesco
– SAINT LUIS REY MARQUEZ – ER 2016 – Geniales

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Cubanacan And Robaina Spar Over HR



Transcription from an article posted by Greg Mottola from Cigar Aficionado.

Gregory Mottola
Posted: July 14, 2015

When Cuban tobacco farmer Hirochi Robaina announced on Friday that he was leaving Cubanacan and joining La Palina, it was as much a surprise to Cubanacan as it was to anyone else.

« We at Cubanacan cigars were surprised to find out that Hirochi Robaina and associates have new plans, » Cubanacan’s Robert Mederos said in a written statement. According to Mederos, who claimed to be « still in shock » about the move, Robaina gave him no warning of his departure. Mederos said he found out the news when Cigar Aficionado contacted him with questions about the story.

« We are deeply saddened that we even have to respond to actions that speak louder than words in the court of public opinion, » Mederos said in his statement, « and these actions seem to have been well planned and executed, having caused irreparable damage to our company. »

The future of the HR brand, of which the Toro size recently scored 92 points in Cigar Aficionado magazine, is unclear.

Robaina said that his namesake cigar brand belongs to him. « The HR brand was never a Cubanacan brand, so HR will go where I go, » Robaina told Cigar Aficionado.

Mederos said in his statement that Cubanacan will continue to sell the cigar. « We have a substantial invested interest in the HR brand, a brand that we’ve manufactured and distributed to retailers across the nation and will continue to do so. …We feel in this case these actions will have to be resolved not on the grounds of perceptions, confusion and Internet fiction, but on the grounds of facts presented through due process in a court of law. »

When asked if he intends to take legal action against Robaina, Mederos would not comment any further.

The move also calls into question the production of the HR brand. According to Robaina, HR cigars are made in Nicaragua at the La Corona factory owned by Omar González Alemán. While other Cubanacan brands were produced at La Corona as well, this is no longer the case. On July 10, La Corona’s legal team issued a press release stating that the factory is terminating its agreement with Cubanacan.

Mederos took issue with that statement as well, maintaining that La Corona was conceived as a partnership between Cubanacan and González Alemán.

Both Robaina and Cubanacan intend to be at the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers trade show in New Orleans, which opens this weekend. Robaina said he would be at the La Palina booth. Mederos confirmed that Cubanacan will be at its own booth.

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the HR trademark is owned by Cuba Tianzhiyuan Robaina Cigars Co., which is registered in Hong Kong.

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Davidoff’s Flagship store reopens in Geneva

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Article lately published in Thank you!


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17th Habanos Festival From February 23rd to 27th, 2015

Here it is again and for it’s 17th edition in La Habana, Cuba, the Mecca of Cigar! Here’s a glimpse of  what’s scheduled for your delectable pleasure!

Full and detailed program to be posted here in the next few weeks.


La Forteresse Morro vue du Malecone Photo:Courtoisie de Habanos S.A.

Forteresse Morro viewed from the  Malecone blvd. on opening (Montecristo) night of the 15th Habanos Festival.
Photo: Courtesy of Habanos S.A.


17th Habanos Festival
From February 23rd to 27th, 2015


From February 23rd to February 27th, 2015, Cuba will welcome a new edition of the Habanos Festival; the most prestigious international event dedicated to Premium Cigars and where meets annually all enthusiasts of the best tobacco of the world: the Habano.

During the event, several Habanos brands will be honored and particularly two of the well-known ones: Romeo y Julieta and Montecristo.

Last year, more than 2,200 visitors attended the Trade Fair, along with 60 exhibitors from 7 countries, which confirms the relevance, favorable reception and success, resulting an ideal framework for technical and commercial exchanges among businessmen, manufacturers and suppliers from the world of tobacco.

The participants in this 17th Habanos Festival, including international personalities, will enjoy again the pleasure of tasting, in exclusive, some of the new vitolas to be launched by Habanos s.a in 2015 and will have the possibility to discover or rediscover the roots and the secrets of Cuba’s century old tobacco growing tradition in the island.

Habanos SA. invites you to enjoy a delightful week among friends and aficionados that have one thing in common: the passion for Habanos.

The program of 2015 Habanos Festival keeps up its traditional activities during this unforgettable week:

  • Welcoming Night (Cocktail)

  • Visits to the best tobacco plantations in Vuelta Abajo, Pinar del Río

  • Evening to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of La Casa del Habano (Dinner)

  • Visits to emblematic Habanos Factories

  • Trade Fair

  • International Seminar

  • International Habanosommelier Contest

  • Gala Evening (Dinner)

The opening of the event will take place on February 23rd, 2015 with the inauguration of the Trade Fair at the Palacio de Convenciones.

This first day of the Festival will close with the Welcome Evening at the Wood and Tobacco Warehouse located in the area of the Port of La Habana, where the participants will have the privilege to attend both the launching of the Romeo y Julieta Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009 and the exclusive performance of Cuban artists of acknowledged national and international prestige. The nominations to the Habanos Award of the Year in the different categories will also be announced during the evening.

The International Seminar will present once more interesting conferences on diverse topics related to the world of Habanos, including alliances and matchings of Habanos with drinks and products of excellence of the gastronomy, as well as the wines of the prestigious  Appellation of Origin from Chianti in Italy, master classes, cigar tastings and for the second time the contest to get the longest ash –enthusiastically received in its first edition in 2014 – among other themes of interest for all Habanos unconditional aficionados.

On February 25th a very special Dinner will be organized to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the concept “La Casa del Habano” and its more than 146 exclusive and prestigious Habanos outlets throughout the world.

And finally, on February 27th, with the usual Gala dinner the Festival, will be closed paying tribute this year to one of the well-known Habanos brands: Montecristo and its special 80th Anniversary vitola, ending with the traditional Humidor Auction, whose proceeds are annually destined to the Cuban Public Health System.

The TABACUBA Entrepreneurial Group and Habanos s.a. will be honored with your presence.

Walfrido Hernández Mesa Luis Sánchez-Harguindey  Pardo de Vera
Presidents of the Organizing Committee

Spanish, English, French, German and Russian

Visiting a Casa de Tabacos in Pinar del Rio , Cuba while attending the Habanos Festival 15th in Feb 2013

Visiting a Casa de Tabacos in Pinar del Rio , Cuba while attending the Habanos Festival 15th in Feb 2013

The cigar event every Aficionado should attend once in his life time.


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Puro Sabor Festival, Nicaragua, 2015


 View image on Twitter

The Asociación Nicaragüense de Tabacaleros (ANT) has formally announced the fourth annual Puro Sabor Festival will take place between Jan. 14-17 in Managua and Estelí. The festival begins much like last year in Managua, Nicaragua’s capital, although the opening dinner will be held at the Crowne Plaza Terrace.

The following day, attendees will be transported north to Estelí, the country’s cigar capital. Lunch will be at A.J. Fernandez’s Tabacalera Fernandez S.A. factory before guests are invited to visit factories that are members of ANT: A.J. Fernandez, Tabacos Cubanica S.A. (Padrón), La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, Fabrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua S.A., My Father Cigars S.A., NACSA, TABOLISA (Oliva), J.C. Newman’s PENSA, Plasencia Cigars S.A., STG Estelí (General Cigar Co.), Tobaccos San Rafael and Rocky Patel’s TAVICUSA. In addition, tobacco processors ASP Nicaragua and GK Tabacos de Nicaragua will welcome attendees.

That night a party will be held at the Plaza Domingo Gadeda.

On Friday guests will visit the farms of ASP, A.J. Fernandez, Plasenica, Nicaprosa and Padrón before having lunch at NACSA’s Gualupe farm. In addition to lunch, there will be an opportunity for attendees to roll cigars. The festival concludes with a gala and auction at a country club in Estelí Friday night. Saturday morning guests will head back to Managua. It is very much a similar itinerary as last year’s festival with the exception of the opening party and lunches.

“Our county is internationally recognized for producing the best cigars in the world, thanks to our rich volcanic soil, ideal climate conditions and decades of hard work and experience,” said Nestor Andrés Plasencia, president of the ANT, in a press release. “PURO SABOR is a unique opportunity to visit one of the most exotic countries in the world, enjoy its best products, smoke our best cigars, and come together with us, the ones who make it all happen.”

Tickets, which include all expenses (hotel, meals, ground transport, etc.) other than airfare and optional afterparties are $700 and $850 depending on hotel preferences.

Worth the trip!

Article provided by, Thanks!


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English below.

Pairage de samedi soir dernier. Bolivar Libertador,esclusico La Casa del Habano et  vin Chateau Leret, Cahors 2010 Malbec reserve. Excellent! Last saturday night pairing, Bolivar Libertador,esclusico La Casa del Habano et  vin Chateau Leret, Cahors 2010 Malbec reserve. Excellent

Pairage de samedi soir dernier. Bolivar Libertador, esclusico La Casa del Habano et vin Chateau Leret, Cahors 2010 Malbec reserve. Excellent! Last saturday night pairing, Bolivar Libertador,esclusico La Casa del Habano and red wine from Chateau Leret, Cahors 2010 Malbec reserve. Excellent


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Retour en ligne/Back on line

Electrir grid 7

English below.
Bonjour! Peut-être avez-vous récemment éprouvé des difficultés à trouver sur la toile, vous m’en voyez désolé. C’est un changement d’hébergement de mon site qui en a été la cause. Veuillez prendre note que est maintenant de retour en ligne. Merci pour votre patiernce.

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