URGENT Cigar Lovers in the USA Need To Act Now

11 Déc
To our friends in the USA:

Cigar Aficionado

Cigar Lovers Need To Act Now

The premium cigar industry is coming together for an urgent plea to cigar lovers, calling upon them to ask Congress—specifically Speaker of the House Paul Ryan—to exempt premium, handmade cigars from regulation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Congress is currently in budget talks, and one of the items on the table is legislative protection of the premium cigar industry. FDA regulation could change the way cigars are made, sold and enjoyed in the United States, resulting in losses of jobs throughout the industry and making it harder for cigar aficionados to find and enjoy great cigars. Exemption would allow the industry to continue as it does today.

To reach out to Speaker Paul Ryan now, call his office: (202) 225-0600

« It’s imperative that Congress understands the facts about premium, handmade cigars, » said Marvin R. Shanken, editor and publisher of Cigar Aficionado magazine. « They are enjoyed by an adult audience, they are made in an artisanal process that has been unchanged for generations and it’s our right as Americans to enjoy them as we see fit. Not to mention tens of thousands of factory and field workers in the Caribbean and Central America would lose their jobs, creating huge unemployment in these areas. »

Also, contact his Twitter account here.


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