Welcome to Cigaresdr’s world

14 Août
Welcome to Cigaresdr’s world
Welcome to cigaredr's world!

Welcome to cigaredr’s world! Picture taken at Hotel Nacional, La Habana, Cuba

Hello to everyone!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this new blog that relates to the the Cigar World in Quebec city, Canada. My intention behind this blog is to those who can not read french to simply help you find the right spot for buying and smoking some good Cuban and non-Cuban cigars in our nice and welcoming city.

On the other hand, and since there will be no translation to english of all the articles featured in this blog, it will be my pleasure to answer any question you might have regarding any other cigar matter. Just leave your comment and or question in the commentary section below.

Enjoy your time here! Happy smoke!

Daniel Rochette



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  1. Genevieve

    9 novembre 2012 at 1402 59

    Un beau site et sutout un site intéressant! À l’époque où beaucoup de plaisirs de la vie sont prohibés, il est toujours rassurant de constater qu’il reste encore des gens qui résistent au formatage unique. Soyons tous des outsiders et profitons un peu de la vie en dégustant un bon cigare!


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