Partagas The Book/El Libro (english)

15 Sep
Partagas The Book/El Libro plus a few extras from 2006 sent  over to me. These will be excellent for sure Thanks Louis!

Partagas The Book/El Libro plus a few extras from 2006 sent over to me. These will provide me excellent « smoking support » for my reading and be delicious that’s for sure. Thanks Louis!

FInally got my copy of the new Partagas book « Partagas, The Book/El Libro ». Thanks to Louis Batonyi from Canada Humidor ( whose site is the only « place » you can get this book in the Quebec city area. Canada Humidor also provides at very good and competitive prices a complete line of smoking accessories and is the exclusive dealer for Canada of the very efficient and performing Adorini Humidors. Delivery is within ten working days and the packaging is flawless. Mine got in one day prior to the date mentionned on the Canada Post tracking slip.

Partagas The Book/El Libro

Partagas The Book/El Libro

At $130.00(Tx and transportation fees included), I personnally find this price very reasonnable. Besides, proceeds from the book will generate a donnation to the Cuban Tobacco Museum in Havana to aid further researches.

Partagas The Book/El Libro

Partagas The Book/El Libro

Written by Amir Saarony a Toronto based author and publisher, Partagas The Book/El Libro wheighs over 270 pages of gorgeous photos, articles and archives, some of them being exclusive to this book, and content related to the fascinating story of Jaime Partagas, founder in 1845 of the Partagas Real Fabrica de Tabacos in Havana Cuba. A trip in time that explores the history of Cuba‘s cigar industry as well as the Cuban history itself during the 19th and 20th centuries . All printed on high quality gloss paper. A must have for every real cigar aficionado of this world. Can’t wait to dive into this one.

Partagas, Le Livre, le Cigare, son Cendrier acoompagnés de leur feuilles de tabac et parcelle de sol recueillie à Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

Partagas, the Book, a Serie E No 2 Cigar and it’s ashtray displayed here on my personal humidor with a few tobacco leaves and soil from Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

Thanks again to Canada Humidor and Louis Batonyi in offering us such quality products and keep up the good work!

Happy Smoke!



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    • Amir Saarony

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      Je vous remercie pour les aimables paroles. J’espère qu’elle vous plaira.

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        Tout le plaisir est pour moi Monsieur!


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